Feel Empowered

Feel Empowered

Ey up Peach Queens! We firmly believe that you can achieve anything that you set your mind too! Throw it out there into the universe, manifest, believe in yourself, and make it happen!

The three of us original Peach Queens have very different career backgrounds but we all have one thing in common - DRIVE! We know that we can achieve what we set our minds too! Not only that but we believe in empowering others to do the same! Whether that's, running your first ever 5km, taking the leap and joining a gym, working on your mindfulness, whatever it may be, we want to help you believe that YOU ARE AMAZING!

We will be updating our blog posts over the next few weeks and we will share with you our real life stories, about how we, as a team, choose to follow our dreams. We will also talk about how we over come our barriers or that little nagging voice in our heads telling us 'you can't do this', 'you're not good enough'! That inner voice always seems to pipe up and say something doesn't it? Well, let me tell you, YOU have the power to change the way that cheeky inner voice talks to you! 

In order to feel safe and comfortable, our inner voice tells us to stay grounded, to be careful, to rein it in! However, think about it...what good ever came from being a Walter worrier?

So, this is where I will leave you for now, as we start The Peachy Queen Company journey with you all. YOU ARE AMAZING and we're going to help you see it!

All our love, The Peachy Queens x

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